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BNP Paribas Commodity Futures has increased its customer base in Asia fourfold since 2009, taking on key clients, such as the Thai state oil & gas company, PTT, and several state-owned Chinese oil majors.

In addition, it has become a leading physical deliverer on the Dubai Mercantile Exchange. This, along with its expertise in clearing over-the-counter-commodity derivatives, its collateral management solutions and its tripartite offering, has earned it Energy Risk's Energy Broker of the Year, Asia award.

BNP Paribas Commodity Futures has expanded its client presence from just Singapore and Hong Kong in 2009, to China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, New Zealand, Australia and India.

"We believe we have an edge because of the bank's wide presence throughout emerging markets in Asia, " says Frederic Hervouet, managing director, head of commodity derivatives, Asia. "The bank has established branches in every Asian country except North Korea and Burma."

The bank's roots in financing means it is able to offer clients an integrated service for financing, hedging and derivatives execution all linked closely to the client's physical positions.

"We offer not only hedging but we approach the deal on the back of the financing relationship, " says Chris Fix, head of commodity futures in Asia. "We have a strong link to the physical business and we're able to see the flow of physical business and facilitate with hedging, " he says.

One of the brokerage's differentiating offerings is its initiative in which it works with 25 lending banks to offer a service that allows clients to match the physical against their hedged positions.

"It's extremely important for our customers, especially the state-owned enterprises, to be able to see all of their financing positions in one statement, " notes Fix. "Through our tripartite agreement, instead of having to aggregate that information across a variety of different providers, clients get one statement from us that lets them reconcile every barrel of financed oil that they have."

Strong links to state-owned companies enable the bank's brokerage arm to understand their specific needs when it comes to futures and forward trading. BNP Paribas Commodity Futures began broking for Thailand's PTT at the end of 2010.
"BNP Paribas Commodity Futures understands the fixed rules that a state-owned enterprise has to abide by and gives us a high level of flexibility, " says Morakot Yuvapurna, financial officer, trading credit assessment division of PTT. "They offer competitive fees combined with a very helpful and quick response and impressive screen technology, " she adds.

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