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SINGAPORE - Asia petrochemicals firms are building tanks and retooling plants to store and process liquefied petroleum gas imported from the United States, counting on a flood of supply from the shale boom to replace costlier naphtha as a raw material.

SINGAPORE - Asian feed grain importers expect an influx of cheap feed wheat from Ukraine and France as heavy rain in Europe damages the quality of crops, leaving them fit for only animal consumption.

LONDON - The last few days have brought a couple of "official corrections", to coin news agency jargon, about the tin market.

LONDON - “I believe and will prove that our country is not deficient in oil reserves. If I can use my 20-year lifetime in exchange for a large oil field, I will.”

CHICAGO - China's tough stance on GMO-tainted U.S. corn imports is starting to bite the country's consumers of corn in the wallet, with cash and nearby futures prices both scaling record highs in recent days.

LONDON - For a market supposedly facing an imminent and dramatic supply shortfall, there sure is a lot of nickel around.

HOUSTON/CARACAS - Venezuela's shipments of crude oil and fuel to its allies have fallen to a five-year low as a weak economy hits its ability to uphold accords that former President Hugo Chavez struck to lower energy costs for friends and expand his diplomatic clout.

SINGAPORE - Oil pricing agency Platts is consulting with traders on proposed changes to its key oil product benchmarks in Asia to include ports in Malaysia and possibly Indonesia as cargo loading points to take advantage of new storage facilities.

LONDON - An Iraqi Kurdish crude oil tanker has reappeared off the coast of Israel having offloaded its cargo, ship tracking data on Reuters showed, in the latest sign the autonomous region is finding buyers for its oil in defiance of Baghdad.

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