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TradingView is a resource that makes available free futures charts and stock charts, as well as relevant commodity futures news. There are many indicators in addition to tick data, which makes possible to see desktop-quality intraday stock quotes and free futures charts.

Everything you need to know about commodities futures markets is gathered in one place. In addition to the free commodity charts and quotes you have a convenient watchlist to add favorite futures contracts.

You can find other kinds of charts on TradingView, such as free forex charts and stock charts.

If you compare a stock chart and a futures chart, you will see that they look very differently. Futures contracts represent an agreement to purchase a certain amount of a certain commodity on a particular date (also known as delivery date). This agreement is usually made 3 months in advance, the typical life of a contract.

Commodities can be cash commodities, or actual materials, like gold, copper, pork or wheat. A futures contract is called a contract because it requires physical delivery at a specific date in the future, and the buyer has to accept unless the futures contract is sold before it’s due (expired).

Buyers and sellers of futures contracts agree with the sellers on a fixed price to purchase a commodity at the delivery date. As time goes on, the price of the futures contract fluctuates, due to different expectations of what the price should be. Futures charts are used to track these price changes and speculative traders can profit or lose on these movements.

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Popular Q&A

Why are commodity future contracts transferable?

They can be bought and sold but the obligation in the contract remains valid.

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