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Commodity futures closing data

EDI is now offering global end of day Futures, Futures Options and Cash price data coverage on over 1000 world commodity markets.

Futures Options includes settlement prices, implied and historical volatilities.

The commodity market database is designed to deliver extensive, precise and timely financial and commodity information. End users of this robust data set include individual traders and private investors to institutional customers such as: risk management professionals, analysts, trading and investment advisors, pension/insurance investment trust fund managers, brokers/dealers, manufacturers/processors, and oil and metal processors/refiners.

Data elements include:

  • Open, High, Low, Close (settlement data)
  • Contract volume and open interest
  • Total volume and open interest
  • Historical futures settlements since inception of contract
  • Futures options settlements
  • Implied volatility
  • Historical volatility
  • Market Indices

The data is available in CSV format at the end of the day via FTP or HTTP connection.

To ensure data quality and accuracy all data is directly sourced from the exchange and we process our own feeds to provide our clients with a precise open, high, low, and closing (settlement) prices. Prices are double checked against various sources to further assure accuracy against missing prices and volume spikes, our clients can be certain they are receiving accurate history. Any corrections in the data will be sent the following day.

Our Global Commodity Pricing service offers the flexibility to acquire historical commodities data on a specific market along with the option to subscribe to our daily update file service, which offers a seamless method to maintain a current and accurate database of price data. Whether you need historical commodity price data on one market or all of our markets we have a solution for you.

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Popular Q&A

How do I find data on futures, options, and commodities?

Use DataStream and Bloomberg -- systems available at the Ford Library.
Take a look at Options Metrics in WRDS.

Where can I get Commodities Futures data feeds/real time & history spot charts to post on my blog?

I've looked at Yahoo Finance and found stock charts but not Commodities...I need spot charts for energy, metals, grains and livestock that I can embed in my site.
Any suggestions?

you can see it if you sign up for one of the companies (fxdd,wwm,forex) but from the experience i can tell you that the feed is proprietary and no one will let you publish it to your site without a large fee.

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