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Commodity futures Trading Corporation

Experienced futures traders know what they want, but don't always have the time to carry it out. Optimus Trading Group provides tools, resources and expert advice to help experienced traders further their trading skills.

Being an independent trader doesn't mean going at it alone

Experienced futures traders look for the right foundations to achieve their trading goals: advanced and straightforward tools, stable and advanced platforms, and quality execution they can depend on. As a private client of Optimus Trading Group, we empower you with these and more, giving you the choices and resources to trade better, smarter and faster than you have ever done before.

How would YOU like to start?

5 Ways to be the Best Broker for You:

  1. Understanding you. Your unique situation deserves a unique balance of risk and reward to help you sleep well at night and achieve your trading goals. The foundation of our company is understanding what you want and then helping you make the right choices to carry them out.
  2. Prioritizing what's important to you. Experienced traders know that risk and reward is a game of tug-of-war. We work with you to identify the right products and services that help you achieve a balance within your comfort level; then leverage those tools to their maximum capability.
  3. Providing sound advice. Our trained brokers have helped hundreds of investors make better investment decisions. Through an objective, systematic and disciplined approach, we spent the time to research, analyze and deliver advice that is right for you.
  4. Carrying out your choices. No one knows you like you, so carrying out your choices with swift and dependable execution is how we help you implement the best choices for you.
  5. Delivering results. When the closing bell rings, one thing matters: results. Being the best broker we can means helping you achieve those results when you want it, the way you want it. As your broker, your growth is ours.
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