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Commodity spot prices futures

The unstoppable race of commodity prices comes at a critical moment, when European and US economies are languishing in regaining the ground lost as a result of the recent financial crisis. Policy makers and the public opinion are shrouded in a mist of mounting worries and anger around commodity prices. Regulators worldwide have agreed in the G20 to address price volatility and are bringing forward a number of regulatory proposals to improve the regulation, functioning, and transparency of commodity markets.

This Task Force brings together financial and non-financial firms with regulators and academics to shed light on the price formation mechanisms in spot and future markets, focusing on three major areas: trading, market abuse, and competition. CEPS will partner with the European Capital Markets Institute (ECMI) to engage the European institutions and the major experts in this area to provide input to this group. To learn more and register, please download the prospectus below.

Ann Berg, Senior Consultant to UN-FAO

3rd meeting: 18 November 2011 (7th and last meeting: 16 March 2012
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  • Current futures and spot prices.
  • Several commodity exchanges.
  • Several product types.
  • Metal and energy price charts.

Popular Q&A

Where can one find commodity futures prices?

One can find commodity futures prices from the following sources: Saxo Markets, Bloomberg, Barchart, PSG Online, Commodity Charts, Investopedia, to name a few.

Why do futures prices on commodities tend to be higher than the spot prices?

And why is that the futures price is increasingly high, the longer the time to maturity on the futures contract?

Futures prices on commodities tend to be higher than spot (Premium) when there is an anticipation for future increase in price otherwise it will be on a discount.
When the required rate of return is higher than the actual rate of return the security will be on a discount and vice versa. This arbitration process goes on till fair value is reached.

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