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Listen to Barry Lawrence of Texas A&M University discuss a critical issue in wholesale distribution today: Pricing Optimization.

Forward-thinking wholesaler-distributors who strive for above-average returns in the “New Normal” by leveraging pricing optimization best practices that are rooted in sound analytics must read !

The time has come for distributors to address their concerns about shrinking margins by upping their game on pricing decisions. If distributors keep doing more with less, they’ll soon find themselves doing everything with nothing! The issue of margin erosion will never end if distributors do not get creative—first with their pricing methods, and second with their value proposition. Issues involving pricing methods are more critical to profitability and so should be tackled right away.

For many distributors, pricing decisions are completely left to individual salespeople to do in their own way. Allowing this kind of flexibility is a distributor’s weakness. Pricing is already quite complex, and inconsistency will only increase complexity and will lead to chaos. Here lies the crux of problem. The solution to this dilemma lies in “complexity management”—providing structure with fewer variables, and “consistency”—doing things the same way every time. This comprehensive study will help you achieve the right pricing solution for your business!

Pricing Optimization is jam-packed with

9 best practices from actual wholesaler-distributors
40 action steps that your firm can implement immediately
73 examples from wholesaler-distributors across many lines of trade!

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What Readers Have to Say

"Given the complexity of pricing, it is impossible for a salesperson to mentally juggle all the relevant elements of a pricing decision—such as customer segment information, product visibility for the branch and for the customer, historical pricing, target prices, etc. This Pricing Optimization study has gone a long way to specifying these elements and, more importantly, putting them into terms that can be quantified and managed. If you want to be profitable in a competitive market, you must understand where and when you can optimize your pricing. You can’t pull your numbers from thin air. This book can help you understand the variables and the math of distribution pricing. Don’t get on the phone without reading this study!"— Lawrence Mohr, Senior Vice President (retired), F.W. Webb Company"This Pricing Optimization study has been an invaluable tool for highlighting opportunities to improve margins. Implementing the principles in a pilot location raised gross margins by over 3% in less than a year. It has been an eye-opening experience for those salespeople using the cost-plus method for determining sales price."— Kevin Martin, Vice President of Operations, Pipeline Packaging"This Pricing Optimization study brings a unique blend of methodical analytics and real-world experience to pricing optimization. The process is engaging and very well organized. This work is a true partnership between industry and research."— Kevin Kampe, President, Womack Machine Supply

Extended Description

After reading Pricing Optimization: Striking the Right Balance for Margin Advantage, you’ll be able to

  • adopt a practical—yet scientific and simple—framework
  • bring a ”new science” to the “abstract art of pricing”
  • choose the key variables that should drive your pricing decisions
  • deploy existing and readily available information from your IT systems
  • expand your customer stratification results for optimal pricing
  • fulfill margin goals systematically
  • give meaningful and concise information to your sales force so you can optimize margins
  • hit gross margin improvements of 150 basis points or higher within months
  • implement pricing best practices with minimal resources for a higher ROI!

NAB Lifts Cash Profit 7% To $1.6 Billion But Revenue Is Down  — Business Insider Australia
This was partially offset by higher lending balances and a broadly stable customer margin.

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Popular Q&A

What does Margin Balance mean?

A positive margin balance is the amount owed to you by the brokerage. A negative margin balance is the amount owed to the brokerage by you.

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