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This book is actually quite weak. While, the other books recommended by Actuarial Societies are quite strong, this one does not hold up. There are not enough examples or problems in the book. In addition, the book continually reuses the same information in its examples requiring less thought to get through them.
My biggest complaint is how the book approaches Put-Call Parity. This book offers the worst explanation for that concept I have ever read, which is sad because it is the basis for pricing calls and puts.

9 of 12 people found the following review helpfulBook is good; Price is not - Marc Mest -

I was assigned this text for a course. Since it was an intro course the instructor really didn't use the book as intended, though I was assured they did at the graduate level.

This is a great intro book. However, as with all books on derivatives and fianancial engineering, you have to have the math foundation.

Again, people do not realize that derivatives and fianancial engineering use very sophisticated math. Which is why wall street finds it easier to hire math guru's like electrical engineers and physics people and teach them fianance than it is to hire fianance majors and teach them the math.

It has gotten better since universities have dedicated graduate programs. And textbooks like this are as soft of an intro as you will find.

I found the coverage of topics excellent. From options to swaps, from stocks to currencies.. and every strategy. the author does not miss anything.

It is not an easy subject matter, but the author does a great job of introducing it.

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I bought this book to teach myself more about financial markets after the meltdown of 20xx (insert any number between 08 and 11).

This book is a great first book on financial markets. The assumed knowledge is minimal: at best, the first few chapters assume that you understand how simple interest work. All the concepts are explained in great detail, with many examples, and the various positions that players on the market can assume are explained very clearly.

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