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US derivatives market Statistics

The BIS compiles and publishes three sets of statistics on derivatives markets:

The objective of the semiannual survey is to obtain comprehensive and internationally consistent information on the size and structure of the largest OTC derivatives markets. They provide data on notional amounts outstanding and gross market values and permit the evolution of particular market segments to be monitored. In conjunction with the banking and securities statistics, they offer a more comprehensive picture of activity in global financial markets as well.

Following the initiative from the Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS), central banks of the G10 countries started in June 1998 reporting to the BIS semiannual OTC derivatives statistics on forwards, swaps and options of foreign exchange, interest rate, equity and commodity derivatives. As of end-June 2004, the BIS also releases statistics on concentration measures, back to June 1998. The data include concentration measures for foreign exchange, interest rate and equity-linked derivatives. Finally, as of end-December 2004 the BIS releases semiannual data on credit default swaps (CDS) including notional amounts outstanding and gross market values for single- and multi-name instruments. Additional information on CDS by counterparty, sector and rating has been made available as of December 2005.

As of end-June 2010 more granular information is published on CDS counterparties (eg CCPs, SPVs and Hedge Funds as well as on Index products in the multi-name CDS instruments).

From December 2011, Australia and Spain began contributing to the semiannual survey, bringing the number of reporting countries to 13.

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