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UWA derivatives Markets products

Availability Details for new undergraduate courses
  • Level 2 option in the Finance major sequence
  • Category B broadening unit for Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Science students
  • Level 2 elective
Content This unit provides students with an appreciation of options, futures and other derivative securities, and their role in risk management. The definitions of options, forward and futures contracts, their markets, characteristics and basic properties, and their use in hedging strategies for commodities, shares, bonds and currencies are the main topics. The elements and principles of pricing derivatives are also explained. Outcomes Students are able to (1) understand the meaning of financial derivatives and why they have been created and developed over time; (2) understand the structures and the differences among financial derivatives; (3) know where to find different financial derivatives and the structures of their markets; (4) understand when and how to use these financial derivatives in risk management; and (5) evaluate and price different financial derivatives, and how to exploit any mispricing. Assessment Assessment information is provided in the unit outline.

Supplementary assessment is not available in this unit except in the case of a bachelor's pass degree student who has obtained a mark of 45 to 49 and is currently enrolled in this unit, and it is the only remaining unit that the student must pass in order to complete their course.

Location UWA (Crawley) Mode on-campus Unit rules Prerequisites: (STAT1520 Economic and Business Statistics or equivalent) and FINA1221/2221 Introduction to Finance Contact hours for standard teaching period: lectures: 2 hrs per week; workshops/tutorials: 1–2 hrs per week
Unit Outline Unit web page
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Popular Q&A

How marketable is a position in equity derivatives product control (eg IPV) and what pay can i expect?

Assuming the position is at any of the big investment banks.

Having worked in several large NYC banks, there are quite a few jobs in product control...it is very marketable as long as you want to stay in NY. Different companies have different names for the position (e.g. middle office, business controller). Keep learning about different products, because you can use this knowledge to move into product control jobs supporting other derivatives and trading jobs.
For a junior controller...I would think about $60-80k. Middle Level controller maybe $80-120k. Senior Controller maybe $120-180k. Also, think about grooming yourself for a risk management …

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