U.S. stock futures are up

Futures Trader jobs New York

Futures Group is a leader in specialized recruitment, offering human capital solutions to clients in wide ranging verticals including Technology, Financial Services and Management Consulting. Our business has been built upon the core principle of bringing together individual’s career aspirations with our client’s rapidly changing and demanding requirements.

We have been assisting our clients in managing their human capital needs for more than 20 years with one of the most comprehensive candidate platforms available. Our recruitment team comes from a diverse background of Real Estate Moguls, Traders, Athletes, Musicians, World Adventurists and Thrill Seekers.

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LIVESTOCK-CME hog futures end mostly higher on short-covering  — Reuters
Packers may again try to pressure cash prices this week by drawing from cattle that were contracted against the futures market, traders and analysts said.

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What jobs are there in New York?

wow - you're kidding right? let's see:
hotdog vendor, taxi driver, window washer, stock broker, hooker, basketball player, actor, cook, and dog walker. I think that's about it. did i mention hooker?
There are lots more than that but there really are too many to name.

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