Futures Trader Montreal

Montreal Day Trading course learn how to day trade stocks and futures with support from a live trading group.

How would you like to be able to protect your investments and be able to control your money without having to quit your job or give your money to a broker that makes money off you no matter what the returns?
If you are tired of leaving your money with people who don’t care, and want to learn how to make money in the markets, limit your risk and protect the assets you have. Then come to the Conscious Conversations Tuesday Night Event with Joel Wissing from the Money Maker Edge Montreal Day Trading Course.

Montreal Day trading course -Joel is a day trader that has gone from regular investor losing money in the markets to a highly profitable at home trader working only a few hours a week.

Stage NWA 177x300 Montreal Day trading course learn how to trade Stocks and Futuresday trading course 2 He will be sharing with us some simple techniques for looking at our accounts, how to limit our losses and take advantage of our profits. This hour introduction to trading will open your eyes on how easy it is to manage your risk so that you can lock profits in to your accounts. He will also talk about the psychology of Money Makers and how it differs from normal investors and how you can start to incorporate it into your daily lives.
Joel Will be training a group the following weekend July 21 -23 in Montreal.

The Montreal day trading course is normally $3980.

You will walk out of the course with:
• A complete trading methodology for Bull market, Bear market, and Volatile markets.
• Ability to TRADE, Monday and you will be able to trade and practice what you have learned.
• Ability to negotiate like the truly wealthy, I will teach you step by step
• The Psychology of the 2% that make money- you will learn by doing!
• A breakthrough in your personal Mastery – The financial wall
• An easy to follow Business Plan
• ONGOING SUPPORT – I will make sure you can trade the system, Montreal day trading course live calls 1-2 times a week.
Joel trains you in the Money Maker Psychology with two days of training devoted to the market and one day of actual trading. His follow up is amazing and he makes sure that his traders trade like he does. Included in the Montreal day trading course is ongoing support in his trading room 1-2 times a week, where you can ask questions and collaborate with other traders.

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