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The FIA Principal Traders Group participated in a wide-ranging discussion on equity market structure issues yesterday with members of the House Financial Services Committee and other market participants at a roundtable hosted by Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.). FIA PTGs representative, Patrick Hickey, head of market structure at Optiver US, emphasized the value of automated trading as a tool for market making and the importance of avoiding one size fits all solutions to market structure issues. Read the full release here.

FIA PTG sent a letter to the SEC recommending best practices when structuring pilot programs to test ideas for making changes to U.S. equity market structure.

The FIA Principal Traders Group issued a statement welcoming recent remarks on U.S. equity market structure issues by Mary Jo White, the chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission. FIA PTG said it support efforts by the SEC to improve public understanding, increase transparency, minimize market risks, and promote a level playing field for all market participants through evaluation and action.

On June 3, Rob Creamer, Chairman of the FIA Principal Traders Group and the CEO of Geneva Trading, took part in a discussion on high frequency trading and data standards organized by the Commodity Futures Trading Commissions Technology Advisory Committee. Missed the discussion? Here are five key takeaways from Creamers remarks.

The FIA Principal Traders Group issued the following statement in anticipation of the release of "Flash Boys", a book by Michael Lewis that describes some of the recent developments in electronic trading and market structure in the U.S. equity markets

Click here for statement

Rob Creamer, president of Geneva Trading and chairman of FIA PTG, gave a presentation...

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