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aug 9 2014No matter how much you study, what you create, what you think, what others think, the one constant is always change.
What a cute little comment huh? I can’t stand pundits that create these talking point phrases that mean nothing and get paid to puke them out on one show after another. Of course everything changes what kind of moron doesn’t know that? I think one of the biggest challenges for someone like me who is very disciplined is accepting that I can’t always craft perfect rules that will control everything and always fit what will happen in the future. After all that is what systems attempt to do.july 26 2014 They give us rules to follow come hell or high water and take the emotions and judgments out of trading. Is that a good thing?
Most of the …

As all the bears celebrate the decline that is taking place please make note of the track record of these people. How many went on the record like I did last month in the Newsletter stating no new longs up here and look to add on a retracement only? I bet not many.july 4 2014 How many of them told you for the first time to be careful as opposed to telling you that every month for the last 5 years and had been wrong time after time and are now celebrating? We did not tell you to go short but by now everyone should have certainly learned the futility of trying to pick a top in a 5 year bull market if they have any money left to try and do so.
Make no mistake about it …

June 28 2014REBOUND
Overall this past month between our 3 services we had a great month. We discussed the situation with Bonds previously. The changes we made broke about even from the time we made the change and we caught a good one Friday so we are ahead there. The Short Term Service killed it this past month. It is too bad for the few that walked away from it after last month, they missed the best month by far since it’s introduction. The Swing service also made a decent profit in spite of the bad ES long the system spit out at the end of the month. It had 8 consecutive wins prior to that trade. If you were in all three collectively you did great, that is why we have all three.

negative bonds june 14 2014
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