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The best measure of the ability to trade profitably is to be able to do it in real time with real money at stake. I have entered the Robbins World Cup of Trading Championship on two occasions, the most recent result is below. This contest runs for a full calendar year. The results below are from my entry in June of that year, 6 months worth of trading.

Underneath that are the results of our Trading Services since we made them public last year.Summary all trading signals July 31 2014 Below the results are the dates we began offering these signals and the cumulative profits they have generated. The results are stated in gross profits the signals generated on trading one contract for each signal and do not include commissions or fees. Please see the disclaimer below for more detail. There is a video explaining the two services we offer and what they entail in our Trading Services section.

All content in either our website or any of our publications or emails from We Are Futures Traders LLC do not constitute in any way trading advice nor an invitation to buy or sell anything.Swing Trading Summary July 31 2014 Our company is not a registered advisory service nor a registered investment advisor. Although we may answer general questions these answers do not constitute personalized investment or trading advice. Anyone viewing our website or any of our material in any of our services needs to remain aware of the unmistakable concept that there is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. No representation is being made that any trading account can or will achieve future profits, or that actual results obtained through any services, will in any way be similar to those displayed on our web site.

All educational material is intended for learning purposes only. It should not be used to make real investment decisions, with real money. Entering into a futures trade is done at the sole risk of the person doing the actual investing. Any investment decision should be your own. Any individual trading results are subject to varying market conditions, and as a result will have different results. There are no representations being made in any of our services. We reserve the right at any time without prior notice, to enter any trade we desire, regardless of whether or not it might conflict with anything featured in any of our services. It should also be clearly understood that different types of money management approaches, will result in substantial differences in returns.

Bond Summary for Web July 31 2014 Short Term Trading Service Summary July 2014

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Overpriced and over-complex futures contract trading strategies that include complex formulas and multiple lagging indexes are generally not conducive to successful futures trading.

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