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During this time of year, every analyst is making a stock market prediction. They project which sectors or industries will be doing well in the coming year. Most of the time this is worthless information. A stock market prediction for what should occur over the next 12 months will be like spitting in the wind. Unlike years in the past, making a stock market prediction at the beginning of the year is becoming much more difficult. This is due to one basic reason. Advances in technology are improving on a daily basis. New products or improvements to existing products are occurring at a much more rapid pace than a mere decade ago.

To try to make a stock market prediction, based upon the activities that could go on in world markets over the next 12 months, is going to be like trying to shoot at a moving target. What improvements will we see in computer technology this year? What improvements will we see in medical research this year? What improvements will we see in manufacturing capabilities this year? These are all questions that an investor needs to build into their stock market prediction. The major problem, which fortunately is a good problem, is that advances in technology and information dissemination is occurring so rapidly that there is no way possible to anticipate what industry altering improvements may be coming to market in the next 12 months.

The benefit of candlestick signals is that it eliminates the necessity for stock market prediction. The trend of the market in the technology pushed environment may not be a critical factor for making good money in the markets. Candlestick signals reveal an immense amount of information built into a trend or a price move. Numerous companies are at the cutting edge of technology research. When will it be time to participate in new product potential'? The candlestick signals will identify when the investors "in the know" are starting to accumulate stock. Announcements will create breakout situations. Having the ability to interpret what the candlestick signals are revealing on a will pinpoint huge investment opportunities.

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