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Geospatial job market predictions

Basic definitions first: Geo means earth. Spatial can describe anything that takes up space. Geospatial, then, would apply to anything that takes up space on the earth. Data provides information, so geospatial data provides information about something that takes up space on the earth. Okay, so this definition can pretty much include anything that is not abstract…not very helpful, but important. It means that we can use this data to model the real world.

Inherent in the meaning of geospatial is the analysis that can be applied. Similar to applying statistics, analysis with geospatial data describes patterns and relationships. Geospatial analysis seeks to find correlation between objects because of where they are, where they were, where they are going, etc. If proximity is a significant factor, it can explain a myriad of outcomes.

This is where marketing comes in. The definition of marketing includes activity intended to offer value and invoke a direct action or response. So marketing nirvana is the ability to predict what actions or factors will obtain the desired response. Factors such as location, proximity, distance, speed, demographics, or anything else that reveals spatial patterns help explain non-spatial relationships. Correlated relationships based on “where” help fill in the last piece of the puzzle. This is geospatial marketing.

Even though I typically use the word marketing in a broad sense that brings to mind traditional marketing, there are many types of marketing. Here is a great list provided by Design and Promote of the many types of marketing today: As you can see it the list is pretty comprehensive and that geospatial marketing is not on the list. Geospatial marketing can be considered a type of “precision marketing” (segmentation and targeting), however, one difference is that geospatial marketing principles apply to almost all other types of niche marketing.

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