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Market prediction for Silver

If it continues to follow what gold did, as well as what normally happens after a valid double bottom, then this rally will end much higher than the real highs of the 1800s.
Given the fact that silver has a tendency to spike much more than gold does, then we should expect massively high silver prices during this coming rally.

Silver or the silver price is generally much more difficult to analyze than gold. Part of the reason is that so much less is known about the specifics of the silver market. Silver analysis is often done “through” the analysis of gold. This is not completely wrong, since silver and gold mostly moves in a similar manner – they have the same monetary properties after all.

However, it must be understood that despite their similar properties, they have different monetary histories (the last 400 years at least). These different histories have had the effect of causing silver to be scarce in a monetary form (silver suitable for pure investment demand like bullion), for example. The fact that few central banks hold silver, compared to gold, is another example of an effect that the different monetary histories had on these markets.

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What do you predict with the silver market like SLV ?

I am confused as to buy, sell, or just stay on the sidelines. Nothing made sense today.

I am holding both gold and Silver. Ask in a week and I can give you a better answer. Here is something to consider. Gold miners lead both SLV and GLD. Watch GDX...it leads gold and silver. Silver has way outperformed gold over the last few years, other answer in not correct. GDX is at a support level as I type. IF GDX breaks support and has follow thru for two consecutive days, both gold and silver will drop. I own gold and silver as a hedge, and do not plan on selling.

How accurate is Intrade as a prediction market?

InTrade is a tiny market, so a single trader (or a few traders) can make the markets on some contracts swing pretty wildly.  As a result, the price of contracts tends to overreact to news, and stabilize only when a sufficient number of participants enter the pool.  If you go the website, you'll find a bunch of topics that only a few people are betting on.
There have been several incidents of suspected tampering with the more popular contracts, most notably in politics.   For example: 

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