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Report ImageConsensus Point works with research and enterprise companies by using prediction markets to elicit knowledge from a tailored group of respondents to predict future outcomes in a more successful and effective manner. Our unique market algorithm and refined techniques using enhanced gamification, mobile optimization and internationalization provides a more engaging experience for consumers and, in turn, provides in-depth insight, both quantitative and qualitative, for the client on concepts, ideas and market driven questions.

After we help you create specific questions based on your needs, a tailored respondent pool is selected to answer the questions and provide explanations based on their knowledge and judgments. Incentives, like badges and tokens, are provided to enhance user participation and produce a more accurate result. Unlike surveys which just focus on a count, prediction markets pay attention to the confidence of respondents and provide the client with a more insightful and effective output.

We don’t just look at who agreed and raised their hands; we look at how high and fast they raised their hands.

How are respondents selected?
We work with sample companies to chose respondents that will meet any criteria requested by the client or we can use your own community or pool of participants, e.g. employees or co-workers.

How do we work with clients?
We are very hands-on and here when you need us! We work with you every step of the process from the development of the questions, field the study, and the explanation of the results.

How does the process work for the respondents?
Participants will view images and videos, invest their tokens as a display of confidence and earn multiple levels of badges for their performance and activities as well as view their results compared to the other respondents. In addition to being able to change their answers at any time, they can also switch from a computer to a mobile device without disruption. Overall, the result of the respondent process is an extraordinary and dynamic experience that is fun, interesting and extremely satisfying.

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