Psychic housing market predictions

Averi Torres likes to go vacation in Borrego Springs at the end of the year. The high desert winds and open spaces help sharpen her intuitive instincts into what has been for years a knock on clairvoyance’s door. So, from Borrego Springs, Torres offered her annual predictions of what to expect in 2014.

“Last year, I saw a Santa Claus rally coming this year and, sure enough, it happened, ” Torres said. “Look at the stock market the past few weeks.”

Torres said the stock market this year will be very “interesting, ” with a roller coaster run the first quarter of the year.

“But by the end of the year, everything will be really up, ” she said. “Of course, there will be corrections at that time and some people will make a lot of money off those corrections. They know how to buy when something’s down.”

Torres said the business world would see a surge in female entrepreneurs, who will find greater opportunities, jobs, capital and attention. She also predicted Nike, Google and Facebook are stocks to watch.

“Passwords will become obsolete and other forms of identity recognition will become the norm, ” Torres said. “Hacking will be a huge challenge this year and the problems with identity theft will create whole new industries to fight it.”

Obamacare will see a lot of “hiccups.”

“There will be a lot of fraud, ” Torres said. But there is “an 85 percent chance” that it all leads to a single-payer healthcare system down the road.

Vaccines are being developed right now to combat addictions, and drugs will be customized to a patient’s profile, she predicted.

“I see growth in robotics, which will become more common and available for home use, ” she said.

The economy will see strong growth this year, which might slow toward the end of the last quarter.

“Technology will drive that growth, ” Torres said. “Start-ups will explode with new ways to transact business on mobile devices. Amazon—now there’s a good stock—will get even bigger.”

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How To Predict The Housing Market Turn

After reading The State of the Nation’s Housing 2009 from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, it became clear to me that much of the rest of the country is already seeing some signs of a housing market turn. More importantly, it made me fully aware of the fact that many learned people are seeing reasons why it should and will be occurring.

What is your prediction for the housing market this year?

Some predict a 2010 housing market rebound. The credit crisis will have to be fixed before house prices rise again, though.

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