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We propose to predict financial volatility by a new treed Gaussian processes based on GARCH model. Three correlation functions, isotropic exponential power, separable power and Matérn families, are applied in the proposed hybrid treed GP models and stationary Gaussian processes. The empirical results show that the hybrid approaches generate better predictive capability than the stationary GARCH models; particularly, the treed Gaussian processes with Matérn family correlation structure yields superior performance among the others.

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Where can one find stock market predictions?

One can find stock market predictions on the following websites: Yahoo! Finance, Investment U, The Market Forecast, UK Value Investor, as well as NY Times.

Where can one look for stock market predictions?

There are many places where one can look for stock market predicitons. There is a software called "gmdshell" and in the software one can look for stock market predictions.

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